News Roundup: Week Ending 28 May 2017

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Anouk and others coached at Hernen beginners tournament in the Netherlands. The event was organised by several clubs: HVN, Zwaard & Steen, Zwaardkring, and  AMEK. Each club could bring four fighters with little to no competition experience with a coach to assist them. The tournament was held in the courtyard of a castle. Eline Spek received the award for best newcomer.


Lisa got to try out her beautiful Danelli sharp longsword at a KdF Red Tent cutting session.



JM Landels of Academie Duello Substitute-taught Roland Cooper’s Longsword Focus class, and also her regular Mounted Combat mastery class.


Some Chicago Swordplay Guild women spent an awesome day drinking wine, catching up, and crafting, followed by a day of training in preparation for a grading.


And Julia Yli-Hukka continues to dominate the Nordic Fencing scene with a Gold in women’s longsword at the Norway HEMA Open hosted by Fekteklubben Frie Duellister. Congratulations to all the finalists.

Preparations are ongoing for the Sweden Open 2017 – this is the final leg of the Nordic Historical Fencing League where the overall winners will be announced.


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