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A personal Open Letter.

By esfinges1 | Dec 6, 2020

A personal Open Letter. TL;DR: Read the bold text. I’ll be honest, I’ve been considering writing this letter since the beginning of the pandemic, and as things have progressed and while things have gotten harder and harder for me, I am as confident then as I am now about posting this. Which means I am…

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Introducing Patreon to Esfinges

By esfinges1 | May 7, 2019

It’s been seven years since Esfinges adventure started. And over the years it has grown into something more than we could ever imagine, and as it has grown so have our expectations and aspirations.  It is hard to be satisfied with what we have accomplished so far when we can see so much more that…

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First blood duels, the art of training and fighting while on your period.

By esfinges1 | Sep 7, 2018

First blood duels The art of training and fighting while on your period. By: Mariana López Note: The following article has not gone through style edition yet, please be patient as a better version is re-updated as soon as it’s available. I have decided to publish it as it is since it’s a blog of…

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Thankyou Fran

By esfinges1 | Jun 20, 2018

Those who are familiar with the history of Esfinges and the work of Esfinges, are very familiar with Fran Terminiello. Shortly after Esfinges creation, Fran was one of the very first members to be invited, and by very first I mean that she literally joined the same day we started inviting people, she probably was…

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Rule number #1: Talk to your Instructor/Coach first.

By esfinges1 | May 10, 2018

By: Mariana López Rodríguez.   TL, DR.: Read the text in bold. I get it. There are things that you don’t necessarily feel like sharing with your instructor, especially when you are new. Things like not wanting to do X exercise because you are on your period, or that after your baby was born your…

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Why Women Keep Away From Martial Arts

By esfinges1 | Mar 14, 2018

 By Emilia Skirmuntt  Our community (for those of you who came here just by chance and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about it is HEMA- Historical European martial arts community) tends to bring up the same topics with amazing regularity.    Quite recently, this topic was again brought up: “why do white, middle…

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Play your cards right: Penalties in HEMA

By esfinges1 | Feb 10, 2018

By: Mariana López Rodríguez Last month I refereed for the first time in the USA. I had refereed before in Mexico, but it had been a while since that happened. I was slightly nervous, yet since I´ve been judging for so long and on such a regular basis I was confident I could do it….

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HEMA on a budget for the first time international young traveler.

By esfinges1 | Jan 30, 2018

HEMA on a budget for the first time international young traveler. By: Mariana López. The views and opinions of this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Esfinges  As a recently graduated college student of México who has been for the most part unemployed due to college schedules and daily live complications, I’ve been fortunate…

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Thank you!

By esfinges1 | Sep 28, 2017

Yes. There is an image of a dog with a sword, and I’m about to explain to you why. Disclaimer: If you don’t want to read detailed strong notes about HEMA in Mexico and the earthquake, please jump to the title “Now…. About the dog” On September 19th, Esfinges did something that has absolutely nothing…

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Esfinges Donation Campaign

By esfinges1 | Sep 19, 2017

Update 25/september/2017 Thankyou so much for the people who donated this week!!! Here is the last donation sent to the red cross. The rescue missions are still on, and several replica earthquakes have caused more damage to houses and buildings leaving more families homeless and adding to the rescue missions.  Thanks for helping us support…

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