Introducing Patreon to Esfinges

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It’s been seven years since Esfinges adventure started. And over the years it has grown into something more than we could ever imagine, and as it has grown so have our expectations and aspirations. 

It is hard to be satisfied with what we have accomplished so far when we can see so much more that we can do. It is also hard to continue a project like this and make it grow when it demands more and more womanpower and time.  Anyone who has been in Esfinges for long knows quite well how Esfinges projects, posts, blogs and support comes in waves. When there’s some extra time, when there’s some money to spare both from our store and personal, when there’s some unexpected resources, when real life doesn’t interfere, when we find a kind soul who can work like crazy for a specific period of time, when things are lucky.

While I try not to stress too much about this considering the nature of how Esfinges work, there is always that feeling that we could do more, that things could be more constant and that things could run better. At the same time there are several projects that Esfinges has had on hold (some secret ones  😉 ) for the past several years,  waiting for the right moment to come to life, but time, resources, staff, and other things always get in the way. And we are DONE looking at how that pile of dust is growing to become mountains on all of those projects. We want to make it happen.  

There are many goals: to give back to our staff, to give back to our community, to grow the wave of positivity and inclusivity, etc, etc, etc.  We are hoping to make Esfinges patreon to become the one thing that release us from the stress of wondering if we will be able to have our website from one more year, to improve our sponsorships, give the people all that fancy merch and content they are constantly asking for, to give an every now and then token of appreciation to our staff members, to prevent more staff members to chip in with personal money to keep things running, to make things happen.

As all we do, we are going with the flow and with no expectation but still trying our best.  We do not know if this will work, but we are certainly going to try!

With nothing more to say, please allow me to introduce you to Esfinges Patron Page!

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