News Roundup: week ending 21 May 2017

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Julie Olson and her club Athena School of Arms gave Scottish broadsword classes and demos in rapier and grand baton at Watch City Steampunk Festival in Massachusetts, USA.

Athena School of Arms at Watch City Steampunk Festival


Shanee Nishry has been working on her new HEMA website aimed at newcomers looking to learn more about the sources and drills, go and check it out.


The Icebreaker event held by Minnesota Sword Club and Minneapolis HEMA study group looked to be a great success, featuring this brilliant disarm by Sarah Boxhorn Potratz from Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association (WHFA).

Sarah disarms her opponent at Icebreaker


A story has been generating interest in mainstream press about the first women jousters – Nicky Willis and Alix van Zijl – to go against male opponents in the UK at Kenilworth Joust this June, part of the English Heritage calendar.



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  1. a small correction please , Icebreaker was held by minneapolis HEMA study group and the Minnesota Sword club , WHFA were attendees and very good ones at that , taking a gold and silver medal and 2nd place club award
    Sarah also won a prize for that disarm, a prize the organizers award for successful application of extraordinary or unconventional technique and was voted on by the judges

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