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Original post 21 January 2015




“Te graphic will be updated every 24 hours”
For almost three years the Esfinges webpage has served well for its beginnings, but it was created with no knowledge of web design, with a “pre-made” program of .wix, an interface that is not user-friendly, and with a concept that is no longer suitable.
At over 2,000 Facebook likes, around 786 members, and a team created only by volunteers, we want to transform our old webpage into a tool that will help any newcomer into the world of HEMA, male or female, with quality, useful, accessible information in a friendly, stable interface. Rather than just a short, informative page about us, we want to transform it into a resource for those in need of good information.

But, why create one more page, when there are so many already?

We aim to take advantage of the views and visits we have to redirect people to other useful tools around the web in order to focus our efforts on our main mission: encouraging more women to start (and to keep) practising HEMA. Essentially, we want to become a ‘front door’ into the hidden HEMA community.
There are several ways in which you can help us achieve this

1 Donating or buying Esfinges Products

In order to have a web page of the quality it deserves, and thanks to the kind special rates given by our web team, we rate the cost of our web page at $800 (US). This is without considering the domain we already own. From this $800 Goal, Esfinges already owns $100 from its own store profit. There are two ways to help us reach this goal:

Donating as much as you feel in the Donation Link Below; we will continuously update the amount we have reached.


  • Buying Esfinges Store Products: please consider that with each product you purchase we only make $1 or $2 profit, and that it takes four months for funds to move from the Store to our Paypal. Also, not all our products create profit (Such as the Fighters Against Racism products).

What happens if we make more money than expected?
If Esfinges makes more money than needed, the money would be either:
– Saved for future Web Page expenses
– Saved for future Sponsorships

– Re-donated to other HEMA projects (such as past year Esfinges donations to Wiktenauer
2. Allowing us to promote you: as we mentioned before, we want to make the Esfinges website a tool not only for women, but for every HEMA newcomer or old practitioner.

It is an ambitious goal, but one we want to meet with quality. Esfinges does have a main goal and we must focus and put our efforts into it.  So let us share your organization, blog or HEMA related page, that way we can all be focused on one thing, making it a quality one, with this being said:
If you have a:
• HEMA related Web page
• Fitness, training or HEMA-related Blog
• HEMA product store
• HEMA Federation
• Other related website.
Please contact us at: esfinges1@gmail.com
We won’t ask for any economical benefit in order to promote you, at the most we would appreciate that you promote our page as well*
*If we come to the case of having too many pages or links we will have to do a pre-selection of which pages are the ones we are sharing.

If you have any questions please contact us at our Facebook page, through our contact box at esfing.es, or through or e-mail.

Thank you!
Esfinges Website Team

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